We hate complex product documentation
so we simplified it!


Feel the same way?

It’s time to change

As product managers, designers and engineers we have all been through this. You are already in your release sprint and you realise your feature specs are in one place, the design assets in another and the tech spec are somewhere else.

We start hearing the "Hey, any idea where you shared the feature spec? Can you share the link again?" or the "Yo, where's the icon file for this?" , and the "Did we decide to maintain the tech specs in google docs or in git??". Getting everyone on the same page on documentation when building a feature is task by itself!

Not that there aren't tools to solve this, but most are for enterprises and large business. And honestly, beyond our pay grade. ('cos hey, since when did smaller teams start "documenting product specs"!)

Well we did, and we wanted a product documentation tool that a small team like ours can use, and eventually grows with us!

We didn't find any.
So we decided to do something about it.